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‘Unscripted with Amber Hankins’: My emotional, personal experience interviewing a psychic medium

Vincent Genna

Not everyone believes in psychic mediums. I get that.

In my job though, I interview people from all walks of life. Just recently? I interviewed Psychic Medium Vincent Genna, as part of a segment for Life. Style. Live!

Do you remember my first interview with him earlier last year? Let me give you a re-cap. (see first part of video)

During the interview, I decided to ask Vincent, as part of his psychic medium abilities, if he sensed anyone coming through. Not sure what to expect, I thought, why not ask? Someone, it seemed, at least according to Vincent, was indeed there waiting for me.

Vincent paused and said the person coming through was my grandma. A grandma I was close to.

In my mind, that meant it had to be my grandma on my mom’s side, as my dad’s mom passed away before I ever had a chance to meet her.

Vincent then asked me if I had been praying a lot lately. I started to tear up. I had, but at the time, no one knew why.

You see in 2022, I was struggling to get pregnant with my third baby. I didn’t know exactly what was wrong, so in that season of life, I had sent up many prayers, wondering if I was meant to carry another baby. Vincent (knowing nothing about my struggle) told me my grandma heard my prayers, and they were being answered.

In that moment, I certainly hoped he was right.

As Vincent talked even more, he told me my grandma kept saying I needed more nutrition– in particular, vegetable soup.

“Vegetable soup?” I wondered. Why VEGETABLE soup and why would I need more nutrition. I thought it was something very random until it all made sense.

A week after that interview with Vincent, I found out I was pregnant, and I had been during the time of the interview. I just didn’t know it yet.

More nutrition for a growing baby. No wonder.

As for the vegetable soup? It took me a minute, but when I remembered, I had that “aha” moment. And wow, it brought me back.

You see, vegetable soup was a soup my grandma would often make for my grandpa, and he liked it scolding hot. As for me? I don’t really care for it. My husband loves to make it, and I just always say, “Eh, it’s okay.” So, in my house, it’s a known fact that “mom doesn’t really like vegetable soup.”

The other part that really got me about my interview with Vincent? My family dynamic. The things I’ve been through in my life, and just how proud it seems my ancestors are of me and all that I’ve become. That one got me. It truly got me.

Interestingly enough…… that’s not where the story ends.

Fast forward to just a short time ago.

I interviewed Vincent again for Life. Style. Live, and at the end of the segment, I decided to ask him once more if anyone else wanted to send a message to me. It seemed…. they did.

Vincent started off by saying, “Your tribe, your group of family members that are on the other side are so proud of you and who you are– the woman you have become.”

He then mentioned something about me receiving a ring– and something about a deceased aunt.

I couldn’t place it because I don’t have an AUNT who passed away and left me a ring. I did, however, have a ring from a grandma on my dad’s side, a grandma who passed away before I was born, and a story that perhaps made it all make sense.

You see, on my wedding day in 2011, my aunt (my dad’s sister) gave me a ring that was one of my late grandma’s. My aunt said she wanted me to have it as a gift for my wedding day, and I was so grateful. I remember tying that ring to my wedding bouquet, along with a ring my husband had given me, and both have been there ever since.

Perhaps that was the connection. Maybe, just maybe it was my late grandma’s way of announcing her presence and connecting the dots so I knew who was coming through.

As for the ring, Vincent described the ring by saying it was a “sparkly one with stones.” It was exactly that.

Vincent said my grandma wanted me to get the ring out and put it “in the light.” Wear it, if I can. He said the wisdom of my ancestors would come through it.

So what did I do when I got home? I, of course did exactly that, and it’s now being displayed, proudly.

Two interviews. Two conversations said to be “from beyond.”

No matter what you believe, no one knew about that ring, other than my family members. No one knew I was pregnant. Not even me. And Vincent knew nothing about my family history.

If anything, in those moments, I felt love. A sense of peace. And I knew I would be okay.

I never got a chance to meet my grandma on my dad’s side, and I always wish I had the chance.

On this day, in some sort of way, I finally felt I did.