Virtual Interview Success Series Part 1: Preparation

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, chances are you will be asked to do a virtual interview. For some people, the thought of interviewing over a Zoom call adds an additional layer of stress to an already stressful process. 

Lisa Mitchell, communications expert & founder of Power Body Language has good news! She says virtual interviewing doesn’t have to stress you out if you know a few easy ways to prepare for it in advance. 

 1. Test Drive
Your Tech  

There is no quicker way
to derail your virtual interview focus than having a technical snafu throw you
off before or during the interview. Take a few moments far in advance of your
interview to make sure that your computer or other device is set up to run the
selected virtual platform to avoid any last minute updates or slow downs. 
Also make sure to check your mic and speaker settings to ensure that you can be
heard and that you can also hear the interviewer clearly. Knowing that it’s
“all systems go” before you get on your actual interview can help you
feel calm and more confident. 

2. Prep Your Lighting
and Background.  

First impressions
matter to interviewers and you’d best believe that when you log in for a
virtual interview, they are paying attention to how well they can see, your
facial expressions, and body language as well as what’s going on behind you in
the background. These are things you can be mindful of and have some amount of
control over so don’t miss the opportunity to impress by making sure that you
are in a well-lit area or using a ring light or well-positioned light

Take a few moments to
make sure that what is showing behind your on screen is also working in your
favor and making the right impression. Make sure the background is tidy and
free of distractions, glares, or other things that could send the wrong message
to a potential employer. Most online platforms provide a “green screen”
or customizable background feature that you can use in lieu of your actual
physical space if that feels more comfortable to you. 

3. Do A Practice
Interview or Record Yourself Answering Questions On Your Own.  

Very few people say
they like the sound of their own voice. And even fewer say they are comfortable
watching themselves on video. You don’t want to log in for your virtual
interview and be surprised or distracted by how you show up on camera so set up
a practice call with a friend or record yourself answering mock questions and
watch the recording back so you get more comfortable and familiar with the
virtual interviewing look and feel. 

The more prepared, familiar and comfortable you are with the virtual interviewing process, the more confident and relaxed you can be when doing them. A little bit of strategic prep work can save you a lot of stress and let your best qualities really shine through! 

To learn more, visit or connect on Instagram at @lisamitchellindy.