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What you need to know about clogged drains, how to fix them

Do you have a drain that needs to be unclogged?

Lance Smith, owner of LD Smith Plumbing, joined us Tuesday to discuss what causes clogged drains and solutions for clogs in the main drain line. Here’s more from him:

What causes a clogged main drain line to clog? 

Tree roots, grease, oil, and objects such as disposable wipes (these should never be flushed down the toilet). 

What are the signs you need a drain clearing? 

Gurgling sounds coming from the drain or toilet, water rising into your floor drain when you flush the toilet, and water is slow to drain out of the shower or bathtub. 

Some people may confuse a drain clearing with a drain cleaning. Here’s the difference:

A drain clearing involves the plumber usually “poking a hole” in the blockage instead of cleaning it. The problem doesn’t go away, but it gets the job done temporarily, so other options such as drain cleaning, drain repair or jetting can be discussed.

A drain cleaning is when the plumber completely removes the source of the blockage. As long as there isn’t a broken pipe, offset, or a structural problem with the line, this should be an easy job as well. 

L.D. Smith Plumbing is currently running a deal for drain clearing through June 30, 2022. It’s $83 to clear your main drain or it’s free (if their plumber can’t get the drain open and you choose their recommended repair). Click here for details.

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