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Why now is the time to get your snowblower ready to go

Is there an antiquated snowblower sitting in the corner of your garage? Have you started it anytime in the last few years? Do you think it will start on Friday morning if this incoming winter storm lives up to expectations? Fear not, you can get that slummy snowblower ready to go.

The techs at Northern Tool locations in Indianapolis are ready to get your snowblower tuned up to start up. You might find, though, that the basic stuff is within your skill set.

“Check your spark plug,” said Northern Tool Manager Jon Spaulding. “Make sure that spark plug is good to go. Check your gas. Make sure you’ve got fresh gas. Fresh oil, and then check the filter to make sure it’s not clogged up.”

One of the most common issues with snowblowers that have been sitting dormant in a garage is deteriorating ethanol gas in the tank. The techs at Northern Tool encourage you to replace that stuff with ethanol-free gas or at least fresh fuel.

Despite the fact that there is a storm with us in its sights, the techs at Northern Tool aren’t overwhelmed. You can still load your snowblower in the car or truck and bring it in for a once-over. Christian Avila knows how to get your snowblower running smoothly.

“Typically, you’ll see a lot of customers bring it in with bad gas,” Avila said, emphasizing the aforementioned problem. “Basically, the ethanol in the gas will evaporate and leave behind residue, chemical residue. It basically gunks up the carburetor and the spark plug. If you’re trying to start it, it’ll foul it out and everything.”

To find a Northern Tool location in greater Indianapolis, check out their website.