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Women-owned Indiana company offers new option in flower giving

The new worldwide trend in flower arrangements is here….. cardboard boxes! Deluxe Flowerbox is the only company that sells custom flowerboxes in the U.S., offering flowers in the hatbox or even custom made flowerboxes with sweets!

Katerina Lotkov, Brand Owner of Deluxe Flowerbox, and Fashion Blogger Ashley Wottring explain!


The Flowerbox is becoming a must-have gift this season, Deluxe Flowerbox is a women-owned company here in Indiana, bringing the European luxury to Indiana market.Business Foundation

·We bring European Luxury to the heart of Midwest

· Can only find something similar in NY, Miami and San Francisco

·Deluxe Flowerbox is the only company in US that sells flower arrangements in boxes with candies inside.

· Woman’s owned

· LocalWhy Gift Flowers?

We became too pragmatic, practical and frankly boring.

· Ultimate example is cash or gift card. More than $41 billion in gift cards went unused between 2005 and 2011. American households have an average of $300 in unused gift cards!(

·For how long will you remember that white envelope with cash or gift card in it? And will that memory be any different than all other cash and gift cards you received?

Gift of flowers is ultimate gift of love. It is very romantic and a great “just because gift” that will be remembered. It is a great gift for many occasions:

·Valentine’s Day, ·Mother’s Day, ·BD, ·Apology Flowers, ·Expressions of Sympathy, ·Get Well Wishes, ·New Baby, ·First Date

Why Deluxe Flowerbox

Deluxe Flowerbox is a moment, is a memory!

In Deluxe Flowerbox we want you to create a memory in person’s life. It is not flowers, it is a moment, moment of romance, moment of thoughtfulness, of appreciation that the person will remember for many years.Deluxe Flowerbox “Wow” effect!

·It is so unique and different, it never fails to generate that “Wow” effect that you want from your gift. From our experience delivering these beautiful flowerboxes we frequently hear “Wow, this is gorgeous; I have never seen anything like that”, with onlookers gathering around the person with the gift.

·Consider ordering flower delivery on the next day following your date – that will certainly seal the good impression.

·Or maybe you have romantic feelings and not sure how to ask for a date – send one of our Deluxe Flowerboxes along with invitation.Deluxe Flowerbox is Luxury but practical!

·Have you seen a girl getting her flowers on a date and then not knowing what to do with it next? They end up laying somewhere on the chair, away from the view, forgotten and needing to be cared for.

·Or maybe you chose to gift flowers in a vase with water? Well, that’s awkward and can easily lead to a disaster.

·Gift Deluxe Flowerbox instead and it can be there on the table, adding beauty to your romantic dinner and constantly reminding to your sweetheart how much she is loved.

· It does not have to be a romantic occasion. You want to recognize your colleague in a special way, gift them the Deluxe Flowerbox at a corporate gathering.

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