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Young rising star Emery Allen to perform at Indiana Beach Saturday

Emery Allen just turned 15 years old and has a singing and performance resume a mile long already and she was inspired to start creating original music during the pandemic.

You can see her performing live on Saturday, September 17 at Indiana Beach Amusement Park & Resort for their closing weekend.

Emery joined us Wednesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to perform her song, “I am Strong” and to discuss how she got her start and what she has coming up on her performance schedule.

She has been in more than 20 theater shows, including several professional productions. Emery has also sang in many stadium’s, stages and has recorded for many well known companies across the country and world.

In her spare time she loves volunteering for organizations that are dear to her heart. Most recently, Emery been working on some of her own originals and is looking forward to performing one of them on the show! 

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