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Your guide for planning to go to the Indianapolis 500

Planning ahead for race day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Aerosol cans including sunscreen, glass containers and, of course, weapons: Those are the things you can leave behind.

Officials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway said Wednesday they’re gearing up to make the Indianapolis 500 and more activities leading up to Sunday’s race into fun events for all.

With a few recommendations.

J. Douglas Boles, the IMS president, said, “This year will be bigger. We’ve been tracking up on tickets pretty much all year. My guess is we will have 15,000 more people in the venue than last year, about 330,000.”

To ensure a smooth entry, fans should arrive early to the 108th running of the Indy 500 at the gate closest to their seats before 10 a.m. Boles recommends as early as 8 a.m.

Security screening detectors will be at all gates, including nearly 60 open ones where people can walk through.

“We’ll flag you if there’s a reason for us to check. You could walk in with your sandwiches,” Boles said. 

Attendees can bring their own food and alcohol as long as it’s in nonglass containers and in coolers no larger than 18 inches by 15 inches by 18 inches.

Avoid rolling coolers; they set off alarms.

Carry flashlights and umbrellas by hand to prevent setting off metal detectors. Boles said, “I would encourage people to hand-carry things to allow you to get in faster.”

Race day parking offered by Indianapolis Motor Speedway is sold out, but parking opportunities remain. Boles said, “There are always neighborhoods and homes who have some last-minute opportunities for parking.”

The race day shuttle service is sold out also.

Looking to do a ride-share or a taxi? The drop-off is at the corner of 10th and Polco streets.

There’s also an option to ride bicycles to the race.