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AG Greg Zoeller comes off the bench on Trump’s supposed ‘locker-room talk’

INDIANAPOLIS (WLFI) – Another Republican is standing up and speaking out against presidential candidate Donald Trump’s supposed “locker-room talk.”

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, who serves as a board member of the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and as chairman of the state’s human trafficking prevention coalition, released a statement in regards to comments made by Trump about women on the recently revealed 2005 “Access Hollywood” video/audio.

Zoller said too many men still treat women like objects. He said many other people have failed to stand up and hold themselves accountable and they hide behind the so-called “locker-room talk.”

Here’s the full statement released by Zoeller:

“In battling all forms of sexual violence, too many men still engage in destructive talk that dehumanizes women, treating them as objects. And too many others, including myself, have failed to stand up and hold ourselves accountable and stop hiding behind so-called ‘Locker Room Talk.’ It is time for us to all be better men and to teach our sons to respect women through both our actions and words, no matter where or in what venue they are used.”