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Bridging the Gap: Dr. Robert Murry explores how technology supports mental health

What’s Normal: Exploring mental health today

Join Cody as he sits down with Dr. Robert Murry to delve into the latest statistics surrounding mental health and the crucial role that technology is playing in addressing the mental health care crisis.

Recent data from the CDC paints a concerning picture, with well over a quarter of adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, and Indiana residents slightly surpassing the national average at 30.2%.

Notably, among 18 to 29-year-olds, the numbers spike to 43.2%. As Mental Illness Awareness Week approaches from October 1-7 and World Mental Health Day lands on October 10th, this interview sheds light on how technology is becoming a lifeline for those in need, particularly in rural or underserved communities.

Discover the ways in which innovation is bridging the gap in mental health care and providing greater access to vital resources during these challenging times.