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CVS MinuteClinic: Summer camp checklist

CVS MinuteClinic: Summer camp checklist

At CVS MinuteClinic, they’re talking about helping parents get their kids ready for summer camp.

They know that after all the rushing around to prepare for camp, parents need an easy way to make sure their kids are safe and healthy during their camp adventures.

Many camps need kids to have a physical exam, and MinuteClinic can do that, but getting an appointment with a regular doctor can be hard and expensive.

MinuteClinic offers a quick and cheaper option.

At MinuteClinic, a healthcare provider can explain what happens during a camp physical and give tips on staying healthy at camp.

They might talk about things like sunscreen, water bottles, and bringing extra medicine.

They can also help with special needs like allergies or special diets. Take a look at the full interview above to learn more information!