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Indy 500 is like the Super Bowl of racing!

Indy 500 is like the Super Bowl of racing

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The Indianapolis 500, a super big deal in racing, is happening on Sunday, May 26, 2024.

People love watching it because it’s super competitive.

There are the usual favorites, but lately, some new drivers have been catching folks’ eyes.

They’re going up against the big-name teams, which makes things even more interesting.

It’s like a showdown between the old pros and the new kids on the block. Should be a fun race to watch!

Jerry Perez joined us to talk about the human stories behind the wheel at the Indianapolis 500, often called the ‘Super Bowl’ of racing.

He delved into the backgrounds of the drivers, explaining how they got to where they were and what drove their passion for racing.

Jerry also shared the backstory of this prestigious motorsport event, highlighting the teams behind the drivers and their collaborative efforts to chase victory on the iconic track.

Furthermore, Jerry uncovered the secrets behind creating a winning Indianapolis 500 car, discussing the engineering and planning involved.

With his insights, Jerry offered advice for fans on how to best experience the excitement of the race.