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Musicologie music studio coming to Noblesville fall 2024

Musicologie music studio coming to Noblesville fall 2024

Musicologie, known for its awesome music lessons in Ohio, is opening a new studio in Noblesville this fall!

They want everyone to enjoy learning music, whether you’re just starting or you’re already a pro.

Right now, people in Noblesville can sign up to be special founding members of Musicologie’s family.

Kay Barker, one of Musicologie’s founders, says they think learning music should be fun and available to everyone. They’re super excited to bring their cool music lessons to Noblesville.

Barker joined us to share more information.

At Musicologie, you can take private lessons on any instrument, join fun group classes, and even be part of a rock band!

They also have special events like concerts and open mics for members.

Before the big opening, Musicologie is offering a limited number of memberships at really great prices that won’t ever go up.

You can sign up now and they’ll match you with a fantastic teacher, guaranteed!

Musicologie started in Ohio in 2014 and has taught over 7000 students of all ages and abilities.

They’ve won awards and are now expanding beyond Ohio.

If you’re interested in bringing Musicologie to your area, you can learn more on their website.