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‘Attention scum, you loot we shoot’ sign posted on side of road

POPE VALLEY (KRON) – A warning has been posted for anyone thinking about looting fire victims.

The message was found Tuesday on the side of the road where some residents are concerned about thieves.

“Attention scum, you loot we shoot.” That is a pretty clear message from residents to anyone thinking about looting abandoned homes evacuated due to a neighborhood fire caused by a wildfire.

The warning was posted anonymously where residents said there is real concern over someone taking advantage of their misfortune. Authorities had announced the arrest of at least two suspects with burned out safes in their vehicles as they investigate reports of looting in the wake of the 70,000 acre wildfire.

“It’s horrible. You know, I lost my house. I lost everything I had,” Middletown resident Richard Woita said.

Woita said Middletown residents are on the lookout for thieves. “We put out the word. You know, the people who are left here just look out for one another.”

Bo Sheffer advises exercising caution when using social media because looters could be using those platforms to locate evacuated homes.

“Just don’t give any of your information out online,” Sheffer said.

On Tuesday night, only emergency responders, media and those authorized by law enforcement are allowed in the area.

Police are making regular patrols throughout the city.