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Barriers, security measures removed from governor’s residence

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A return to normality for one Indianapolis neighborhood after months of heightened security.

It’s the area surrounding the governor’s residence on Meridian Street.

After inauguration Monday, the concrete barriers were removed from the lawn surrounding the mansion and with it many people in the area feel a little more relaxed in their community.

The barricades were set up by the Secret Service after President-elect Donald Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate on July 15. Since the day he was picked, Pence and his wife have been protected. .

It was a necessity security-wise, but not necessarily a welcome sight for those who live here.

“Well, its great. I mean it was an eyesore in the neighborhood. I certainly understood why they needed to be there while pence was running, but now it’s great to have them gone,” neighbor Bill Scott said.

Pence moved to Washington D.C. just weeks after the election in November, but just recently his family also left the mansion.

After the inauguration on Jan. 20, Pence and his family will move into the U. S. Naval Observatory, which is the traditional home of the Vice President.

As for Indiana’s newly sworn-in governor, Eric Holcomb, it’s unclear when he will move into the mansion. Scott, the neighbor we spoke with Thursday, said he hopes Holcomb will live in the mansion and that he might utilize the public transportation nearby to commute to the capitol building.

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