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Friday’s business headlines

Friday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here is a look at Friday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Coca-Cola claims ‘no threat’ from weight loss drugs

Coca-Cola says it doesn’t see a big threat from the weight loss drugs, like Lilly’s Zepbound. Coca Cola’s CEO says the company has lots of low-calorie options for those on diet.

Tough month for airline stocks

It’s been a tough month for airline stocks. Boeing has had problems with the blown off door on an Alaska Airlines flight.

Also the failed JetBlue-Spirit Airlines merger sent those stocks lower.

Apple touts vision pro headset

Apple says it’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headset could be used for surgery, aircraft repair, and teaching students.

Apple will begin accepting pre-orders today and it will officially go on sale Feb. . The Vision Pro will cost about $3,500.

Red Sea attacks affecting coffee prices

The Red Sea attacks on shipping vessels is now hitting coffee. Buyers of Robusta Beans are shunning purchases from top producer Vietnam due to surging shipping costs and longer-than-usual travel times.

The disruption in coffee from Asia could drive up prices, especially of instant coffee.

amazon want you to pay for alexa

Amazon has a last-ditch plan to save Alexa by supercharging it with A.I. and charging you for the privilege of using it. Business Insider says Amazon will start charging for the enhanced Alexa, called Alexa Plus.

Super Alexa will offer Amazon customers more conversational and personalized A.I. technology. However, the quality of the answers given by the new “remarkable Alexa” does no yet meet expectations.

It has a launch date for June 30.