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Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines with Jane King.

First quarter coming to a close this week

Stocks have had a lot to chew on in the first quarter, with issues including a banking crisis and inflated food prices.

The NASDAQ is sitting on a 12% year-to-date gain through Friday’s close and the S&P 500 is up 3.4% so far this year.

Study: 80% of U.S. workforce could be affected by AI

A new research paper claims that a staggering amount of employees could see their careers impacted by the rise of ChatGPT.

Researchers from Open AI and the University of Pennsylvania argued in a new research paper that 80% percent of the U.S. workforce could have at least 10% percent of their work tasks affected by the introduction of ChatGPT and similar programs.

Wine industry could be impacted by SVB failure

The U.S. wine industry could be impacted by the fall of Silicon Valley Bank.

The bank was an important lender to wine growers in the Napa and Sonoma valleys.

The financial times reports SVB’s wine division has been a critical pillar to the sector, loaning out more than $4 billion to wineries since 1990 and publishing an annual report on the state of the wine industry.

Musk values Twitter stock at nearly $20B

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has offered the social media company’s employees stock grants at a valuation of nearly $20 billion.

The reported valuation is less than half of the $44 billion that Musk paid to buy Twitter.

Musk said in December that Twitter is on track to be “roughly cash flow break-even” in 2023.

Study: 1 in 6 Americans put off cleaning for at least a month

If you put off cleaning your home, you are not alone.

New research from Affresh Appliance Care found one that 1 in 6 Americans put off cleaning for at least a month.

On average, it takes two hours to do a “light cleaning” of their home and five hours to “deep clean,” including chores like cleaning large appliances or washing windows.