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Wednesday’s business headlines

Why the Indianapolis Children’s Choir is preparing to sing for 12 hours straight

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.

Gift cards

After the holidays, the amount of money in unredeemed gift cards or store credits now totals $21 billion.

Half of all adults currently own unredeemed gift cards or store credits totaling $167, on average, according to a new survey.

More than 1/3 or 36% of those with money left on gift cards said they won’t use all of it.


Employees at crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter voted to form a union, the first of its kind in the technology industry, after an 18-month battle with the company’s management.

It is the first union comprised of white-collar, full-time employees in the technology industry.

Workers want to be able to participate in critical product decisions without retaliation, to change how the company handles sexual harassment and how it addresses gender discrimination.


Cadillac President Steve Carlisle has revealed that the company will unveil the crossover, its first all-electric vehicle, in April at the National Auto Dealer Association.

The model will debut the brand’s BEV3 platform, which will serve as the basis for all its future EVs.

The upcoming crossover will be the first of many electric vehicles from Cadillac.


DNA tests may soon reveal the optimal diet for your body – down to the variety of lettuce you should be eating.

By using nutrigenomics, which studies how genes determine the body’s response to the nutrients in food drink, DNA tests could help people slim down or maintain a healthly weight.

Analysts expect “robust growth” for nutrigenomics in the near future.