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Car plows through main entrance of Goodwill in Fishers

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) – Customers shopping at one store in Hamilton County said it was a very close call after a car plowed through the main entrance.

It happened on Wednesday at the Goodwill store in Fishers.

Jen Taylor’s daughter captured the aftermath of what she said was a close call at the Goodwill store.

“All of a sudden there was a car in the middle of the store so she immediately sent me a picture and (texted) I won’t be home quite as soon as I thought, but we’re okay,” said Jen Taylor.

Taylor said her teenage daughter was shopping inside when out of nowhere they heard a loud crash.

“She startled more than scared I guess because it’s such an odd situation,” said Taylor.

A spokesperson for Goodwill said everyone was evacuated as emergency crews cleaned up the mess.

People working nearby said they are just glad everyone made it out safely.

“All those guest(s) in there I’m just thankful that no one was hurt,” said Rebekah Sandy, who works nearby. “I’m thinking maybe somebody fell asleep, ran through the front window, or somebody was drunk or trying to get out of the way of another car.”

But Fishers Police said that wasn’t the case, that an elderly man was behind the wheel with his wife in the passenger seat.

He said the driver accidentally stepped on the gas thinking it was the brake.

“It’s a bad situation for someone that age to have something that big happen,” said Taylor. “It impacts their independence, that’s horrible. I’m just thankful that they weren’t hurt.”

A spokesperson for the store said they are in the process of fixing up the main entrance, while customers used a temporary entrance.

As for the driver, police said it doesn’t look like he will be cited.