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Castleton residents fend off Hustler Hollywood from moving in

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Residents in the Castleton area are celebrating after fending off a Hustler Hollywood store from moving into the neighborhood

Tuesday the city’s zoning board said no for the second time.

Testimony and the vote took two hours.

But after fighting this store from moving into the neighborhood for over six months residents are breathing a sigh of relief.

The denial was unanimous among the board’s five members.

It would’ve been located on 82nd Street near the Castleton Mall and adjacent to a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

“This is the right decision, this is not the right location for this type of adult business,” said Doug Germann, who works in area.

The location is also next to an apartment complex.

At issue was whether or not the area was zoned for an adult store.

“Adult book stores, adult theaters adults entertainment and adult services establishments are specifically prohibited in a C3,” said Brian Touhy, who represented many of the businesses and residents who were opposed to the store.

Both sides argued over whether the store was adult or not.

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck. Then it probably is a duck,” said Christine Scales, who represents the area on the City-County Council.

“I would argue there are different kinds of ducks,” quipped Jeffrey Novak, who was representing Hustler Hollywood.

Chuck E. Cheese is less than 200 feet from where the Hustler Hollywood would’ve been and the Ivy Knoll apartment just 350 feet away.

“It’s important to note that from the outside of the store there’s nothing visual that you wouldn’t see if you were walking in the mall and going past a Victoria Secret or a novelty store like Spencer’s Gifts,” said Novak.

The audience was filled with residents of the area. Some even bringing their children.

“I can’t imagine that something like this is appropriate in this area across a sidewalk of  a Chuck E. Cheese,” said Jason DeArman, the president of the Greater Allisonville Community Council.

Hustler Hollywood also argued that the company will be hurt financially if they can’t open.

They signed a 10-year lease on that building. No word now on what will come of it.