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City of Lawrence proposes $13M police station

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) — The city of Lawrence is proposing a new police station.

The city’s mayor and chief of police made the announcement on Monday afternoon.

The police department currently shares a building with other municipal departments, including the office of the mayor, the city clerk and the Department of Public Works.

The new building will be two stories and and nearly 37,000 square feet.

It’s estimated to cost nearly $13 million, but city leaders say it will not require a tax increase.

The city wants to build the new station so officers can be closer to and interact with the people they serve.

It would be built at 51st Street and Post Road.

“The location of this is something we took a great deal of time as we were going around the city looking at properties where would it have the most impact on the city. And this is an area that, obviously, an area that is blighted. We anticipate when the police station goes in that we will see some real quallity economic development that will pop up around it. We’ve already gotten replies from those who are right now in that area that are so excited about this happening and what it will mean to the area for them,” said Lawrence mayor Steve Collier.

The chief of police planned to make the proposal for the new station at the city council meeting Monday night.