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Cold cancels Indy trash pickup for 3 days in a row

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – For a third day in a row the cold prompted Indy DPW to cancel trash pickup.

DPW says they’re looking after the safety of their employees.

If you’re one of those of impacted by Monday’s cancellation or last Thursday’s and Friday’s pickup, the city will do a double collection at the next pickup.

DPW says they’re hoping to get trash collections up and running again for Tuesday, but it all comes down to the forecast.

“It comes down to protecting the safety of our employees,” said DPW spokesman Scott Manning.  “Our solid waste employees spend the majority of their shift working outside and often times they’re working on the back of a trash truck while its in motion they’re in contact with a lot of cold steel so they’re subjected temperatures and wind chills that go even lower than what’s forecast.

Their other concern is for the equipment. Many trucks are outfitted with mechanical arms, powered by hydraulics. DPW says if those arms freeze while extended there could be bigger problems than just trash piling up.

If you have any questions call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4MAC