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Comcast complains, suggests Rob Lowe ads be pulled

INDIANAPOLIS (CNN) – You’ve probably seen the commercials.

They’re the ones where actor Rob Lowe plays himself and then a less desirable version of himself.

“I’m Rob Lowe, and I have DirecTV,” says Lowe. “And I’m ‘peaked in high school Rob Lowe,’ and I have cable,” says the less desirable Lowe.


This week, the Better Business Bureau recommended that DirecTV discontinue the ad campaign, after Comcast complained. According to the BBB, DirecTV couldn’t substantiate many of the claims made in the commercials.

Those claims included that DirecTV (what Lowe represents) has better picture and sound quality than cable (what less desirable Lowe represents), more sports programming than its rivals and shorter customer service wait times than its cable competitors, CNN reports.

At the end of the commercials, Lowe points to the less desirable version of himself and says, “Don’t be like this me. Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV.”

The National Advertising Division review board agreed with Comcast and says DirecTV should pull or modify the ads.

DirecTV is appealing the claim that the ads are deceptive. A recent report says DirecTV has stopped airing the commercials because they’ve moved on to another campaign.

What do you think? Are the commercials deceptive?