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Controversial VA manager resigns

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The VA worker who sent emails apparently mocking mental health problems and veteran suicide has resigned.

Robin Paul voluntarily resigned on Tuesday and apologized in a statement.

Paul said she takes full responsibility for the incident but says the intent of the photos has been misrepresented.

She says that she has been harassed and threatened since the emails became public.

Via her lawyer, Paul released this statement:

The “elf” email I sent in December 2014 was to an internal staff email group following a clinic

holiday lunch party. I take full responsibility for sending the email; however, the intent of the

email and pictures has been misrepresented. My intent was not to mock Veterans; the intent was

to thank the team for their work in dealing with tough issues on a daily basis. The elf did not

represent a Veteran; it was a toy elf-nothing more. However, I understand how taken out of

context, the email and pictures could be misconstrued. I used poor judgment in sending out this


Since the initial press coverage, my family and I have been subjected to harassment and hostility.

I received death threats, my minor child was harassed, and we had to seek police protection. In

the best interest of the VA and my family, I voluntarily agreed to a temporary summary suspension

of my license pending further investigation.

Even though I have had an excellent work history with the VA, my career with the VA is

effectively over as a result of this incident and the resulting public and political pressure.

Accordingly, on April 7, 2015, I voluntarily resigned from the VA. I am truly sorry to our Veterans

and anyone else who I offended by my actions- that was not my intent. I seek the public’s

forgiveness, and I respectfully request that the public refrain from directing further hatred and

hostility toward me, my family or the VA.