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Court docs: Anderson woman stabbed multiple times

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) – Court documents released Tuesday chronicle the details of how Samantha Fleming, the Anderson mother of three, was lured out of her home and taken to Gary where she was later found dead.

Neighbors say Geraldine Jones showed up at Samantha Fleming’s home and asked for her by name.

“She [Jones] said, ‘Samantha Fleming,’ she said the lady’s name, and I said, ‘Well I think that’s my neighbor,’”said Harold Smith, who lives next door to Fleming.

Madison County prosecutors said Jones showed up at the West Claire Street apartment posing as a Department of Child Services employee.

“We both walked upstairs together, she had the paperwork, the briefcase, professionally dressed,” said Smith.

But prosecutors say Jones was a con-artist who killed Fleming days later in Gary. They also say they don’t know how the two knew each other.

“Its very bizarre,” said Rodney Cummings, Madison County prosecutor. “And why this individual, out of all the prospective victims there could’ve been, why this individual in our community we really don’t have an answer for that, yet.”

Court documents show Jones told Fleming she was there for a surprise visit and that she had to make a court appearance in Gary.

They also show Fleming was told to bring her daughter Serenity because it would look better. Eleven days after they left the apartment, Fleming was found dead, stabbed at least 10 times, and stuffed in a bag. The baby was found safe and is back with family

“Huge surprise, huge and we’re here almost everyday,” said Laura Hill, who owns a salon on the first floor of Fleming’s apartment building. “We don’t know anything that was going on, just until we read and people calling us and asking if we had heard anything, and we knew nothing.”

The situation left neighbors in disbelief.

“People you knew, you see one minute, and now she’s gone, its crazy,” said Smith.

Cummings said there are no open investigations on Fleming with the state, making it even more bizarre that Fleming would go with Jones to Gary.

Prosecutors said Jones is still in Texas where she traveled to after Fleming’s death.

Detectives from Anderson and Gary are there now speaking with her.

Depending on if she waives extradition, it could take 30 to 45 days to get her back to Indiana to face a judge

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