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Dick Wolfsie learns about therapeutic, recreational bongo drumming

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Each and every week, Dick Wolfsie shares an exciting and unique story that shares a special connection to central Indiana.

This time, Dick Wolfsie learned about some of the benefits to playing the bongos.

He talked with Lisa Colleen, the Director of the Recreational Music Center at Bongo Boy Music School.

She told him about some of the ways drumming on the bongos can help those who face specific challenges .

Bongo drumming has the ability to help those memory and cognitive issues.  Colleen also says drumming on the bongos in classes helps to create and sense of unity and community.

She even led a class of experienced bongo players and Dick Wolfsie tried his hand at the bongos.

To learn more and see Dick Wolfsie try his hand at the bongos, click on the videos.