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Apple reveals new ads for marketers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Apple product a day will no longer keep the ads away — and that’s a good thing for marketers.

Apple just rolled out its plan to offer new ad positions as part of their most-used apps. Ads on Apple’s App Store have been popping up on its “search results” page for some time. Now, though, ads will be present on the “today” and “download” pages of the App Store. The company also plans to make ads available on the Apple Maps, Apple Podcasts and Books apps.

This announcement comes nearly two years after Apple’s announcement of its App Tracking Transparency system, which allows users to opt into apps tracking their activity, according to Nelson Spade, general manager of Circulus Digital Media, WISH-TV’s full-service digital agency and sister company.

Advertising is Apple’s second largest revenue category, experiencing a 35% boost this year alone. The company hopes these changes will help grow its ad revenue from $4 billion to “double digits.”

“As the industry continues to pivot and adjust to these changes, Apple is sitting on a really nice growing ad business…they’re appealing to advertisers because if you are an IOS user, the only place you can download apps for your pleasure and enjoyment is the App Store, so you have a really captive audience there,” Spade said.

But, the changes have not come without a broader reaction. Facebook’s parent company, META, recently filed an anticompetitive complaint with the FTC in the wake of Apple’s changes. Apple also experienced probes into its ad business led by foreign regulators, according to Spade.

“No doubt Apple has made privacy a bigger piece of its brand, it spending money to do so and branding campaigns even. But at the same time, we talked about it sitting on this growing ad business. So, that’s caught some scrutiny,” Spade said.

Spade said Apple is committing to its decision and seems confident it will pay off.

“Apple’s pretty confident this is here to stay,” Spade said.

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