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Google transitioning to new analytics system

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Business owners and marketers face several daily challenges centered on how their business is presented, seen, and marketed to their customers.

With a fast approaching deadline, a big change is coming for marketers who own or operate a website.

Nelson Spade, the general manager of WISH-TV’s sister company, Circulus Digital Media, said Google is transitioning away from Universal Analytics and implementing Google Analytics 4 starting July 1.

Site analytics can tell marketers and business owners what is happening on their site, how it impacts their business, who is coming to the site, and where those viewers are coming from.

Spade said marketers should log in to

If a marketer has an account, they should click on the top left corner, then click the business name, and a drop-down will appear.

There will be a number underneath the business’ name. If the business is using Universal Analytics, then “UA” and a number will appear in the drop-down. If the business is using Google Analytics 4, then only a number will appear.

Google Analytics has the power to track site traffic across multiple devices in a more efficient way.

“Don’t guess about what’s working on your site, what’s driving business results for your business,” Spade said. “Make sure you have Google Analytics for your site.”

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