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Meta announces European subscription model

Meta announces European subscription model

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Big changes are brewing from a social media powerhouse.

Meta, the parent of Facebook and Instagram, says it is launching an optional subscription model for its users in an effort to “comply with evolving European regulation.”

Earlier this summer, the EU banned Meta from tracking activity for users across its platforms.

Nelson Spade, the general manager of WISH-TV’s sister company, Circulus Digital Media, said, “We’re talking Facebook, Meta, Whatsapp, and also some of the third parties they partner with for advertising, it’s banned unless you have user authentication and permission.”

“If you’re a European resident and a couple of select countries immediately outside the EU, you have options,” he said.

Just recently, the social media giant announced subscription options for an ad-free Facebook. The subscription will be 10 Euros or $11 a month to access online and then up to 13 Euros or $14 a month to include on mobile devices.

Nelson added, “When it comes to digital subscriptions, subscriptions are more stable revenue sources but not as fruitful as far as an advertising model.”

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