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Crochet clothing leading Indiana’s fashion scene

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 21: A guest seen wearing Chanel flap bag, a crochet top and shorts during the 76th Cannes film festival on May 21, 2023 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Crochet clothing is the leading fashion trend in Indiana, according to new research by the fashion brand BooHoo.

In a press release, the brand says it analyzed Google Keyword data to find out which fashion trends are most popular in the United States.

The research showed crochet dresses and skirts are seeing a surge in popularity in Indiana this summer after the clothing went viral on social media apps like TikTok.

Crochet clothes aren’t just popular in Indiana, though. The clothes are also trending in 27 other states, making them the most popular fashion trend in the United States.

The study by Boohoo also discovered that on Pinterest, there was a 566% increase in searches for crochet tops since February.

Following the revival of early 2000s fashion, low-rise jeans and pants are the second most popular fashion trend in the U.S. It is the most popular search in 17 states, including California, Arizona, Texas, and Iowa.

Coming in third place for most popular fashion trends was fringed clothing. Those are clothes that have hanging threads, cords, or stripes.

According to the study, fringed clothing was the most searched fashion trend in Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Other popular fashion trends that appeared in Boohoo’s research included sheer clothing, 1970s fashion, and metallic clothing. All of these trends experienced a revival in popularity thanks to celebrities and pop culture.

Are you following the crochet trend?