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Ezra Speaking: ‘National Have a Coke Day’

National Have a Coke Day is here, and Ezra Speaking is ready to celebrate! He kicked off the segment with a Coke quiz to test the hosts’ knowledge about the famous soft drink.

Then, he went in for a taste test of three “Coke-type” beverages, with each host taking a sip and guessing which one is the Coke.

To keep the fun going, Ezra also hosted a trivia contest about Coca-Cola’s history. Questions range from the creation of the formula to the first bottle distribution and even the iconic slogan “The pause that refreshes.”

It’s a chance to learn more about one of the most popular soft drinks in the world.

Grab a Coke and join Ezra in celebrating “National Have a Coke Day” with a fun quiz and taste test.

Who knows, you might learn something new about this classic beverage!

(WISH Photo)