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‘Goatgram’ adds new twist to flower deliveries

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Flower deliveries may look a lot different this holiday season thanks to one Washougal man – and a few goats.

People in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas can now get their flowers delivered by a pair of goats. The service is called “Goatgram” and was created by goat owner Brett Wilson.

The gorgeous bouquets are grown and arranged on a small farm in Washougal and are then delivered by a pair of goats. Once you receive your flowers, you can either keep them or choose to feed your bouquet to the goats – who will gladly eat it right in front of you.

This special flower delivery costs $100. The farm also limits their Goatgrams to twice a day in order to give their goats some time to “just be goats.”