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‘Grundy Crew’ leader back in jail 8 weeks after being freed

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  A man once accused by prosecutors of leading a murderous drug gang walked out of court a free man in September.

On Friday, the U.S. Marshals Service returned Richard Grundy III to the Marion County Jail as the FBI coordinated a series of raids in and around Indianapolis. The FBI has not commented on the raids.

In addition, associates who were part of the alleged drug gang — called the “Grundy Crew” — also were listed Friday as being brought to the jail by federal authorities: David Carroll, who turns 35 on Saturday, and Lance Hatcher, 33.

Grundy faced charges in 2015 for conspiracy to deal marijuana, conspiracy to commit murder, corrupt business influence and criminal gang activity. All of those charges are dropped as part of a plea agreement with county prosecutors, and Grundy was put on two years of probation.

In a separate case, prosecutors charged Gundy with murder in 2014 but dropped the charges after a witness lied.

Before Grundy’s court sentencing Sept. 21, someone shot Grundy in the arm during his cousin’s funeral procession in July, police said. He said in September he was continuing to recover from the shooting injuries.

After his September sentencing, Grundy said he planned to move to the West Coast to serve his two years of probation. “It’s important that I get out of town because I’m harassed every day for being Richard Grundy,” he said.

Grundy’s former associates who were re-arrested Friday also had faced a similar fate after being criminally charged as part of his alleged drug gang.

Carroll was convicted in August of marijuana possession, with 10 other charges, including three counts of conspiracy to commit murder, dismissed. Some of the charged were dropped as part of a plea deal. He was sentenced to a day in jail.

Hatcher was convicted in August of unlawful possession of a firearm by serious violent felon and sentenced to probation as part of a plea deal. He was given permission to serve his probation time in Houston, Texas.

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