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Hamilton County’s new custom adventure

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – A new attraction in Hamilton County is heading to new heights. An aerial adventure park is open to the public and it’s already getting a lot of visitors. 

The people at the Hamilton County Parks Department have been working very hard to make The Strawtown Koteewi Park a destination. Recently they opened a new archery range.

Everything about this aerial adventure park is custom made for Hamilton County. It features 60 challenging treetop trails and platforms and in between them are zip lines that provide a thrill for everyone at every skill level.

This Aerial Park is the latest addition to the Strawtown Koteewi Park which is an 800-acre park and features; bike trails, fishing, equestrian trails, archaeological areas, a target archery center and now adventures in the trees.

Before construction, the park designers made sure to map out each platform so that it was custom made for Hamilton County. A main goal was to preserve nature as best as possible. That’s why each platform is attached without damaging the trees.

Brian Niksch the Adventure Park Manage says once you go up it’s a more than two hour adventure.

“Everything in this park is custom made to fit Hamilton County, it wasn’t like we shipped in a bridge and shipped in an element and said it is what it is,” said Niksch. “They came out, we examined every tree we were going to use, there was an arborist report done, we picked the trees and then they said now we need to find each of the elements to fit in between each spot and custom built each spot.”

Safety is a huge deal for the designers and they have special clips and a belay system where once you’re clipped in, you don’t have to unhook until you’re safely back on the ground.

The price is $44 for 13 and under and $49 for adults.

For more information, click here.