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Homeless valedictorian earns $3 million in scholarships

TAMPA (WFLA/CNN) – A high school valedictorian in Memphis, Tennessee, earned more than $3 million in scholarships while not having a home. 

Tupac Mosley says his goal was to receive $1 million in college scholarships. The high school valedictorian says he was shocked after surpassing his goal and getting accepted into more than 40 colleges.

“When I heard that I got $3 million, I was more than elated,” Mosley said “After my father passed, we fell behind on bills and we ended up getting evicted from our home February 21st of this year, so we went to different homes so far and we were blessed to have For The Kingdom,” he added. 

For The Kingdom is a camping site and non-profit organization that helps lead urban children and teens in Memphis in the right direction.  

Mosley says if it wasn’t for the director allowing he and his family to stay here, college may have not been an option.

Through it, all Mosley managed to keep a 4.3 GPA.

During his valedictorian speech, he told his classmates that he truly believed anything was possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. 

“Never let your current situation, whatever circumstances you’re going through, be a mountain that you can’t climb,” Mosley said.

Tupac says he has decided to attend Tennessee State University.