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Homes damaged from storm in Lawrence County

LAWRENCE COUNTY (WISH) – People in Lawrence County have a lot of cleaning up to do after strong storms Sunday afternoon.

Most of the damage was in Springville, where wind damaged homes and knocked over trees and large branches.

According to the Lawrence County sheriff, there have been no reports of storm-related injuries.

24-Hour News 8 spoke with one man who said the wind flipped his mobile home and moved it from where it originally sat.

A camper on his property was overturned as well. Downed branches filled his yard.

There was more damage just next door. A tree fell on top of a home, crashing into a bedroom. The family who lives there says they were just sitting down for dinner when they heard the wind pick up.

“She’s like, ‘Look at the tree… oh the tree fell.’ Oh another one, and another one, and then we all just kind of freaked out because everything just started…. It was just like white out, the windows, from all the rain,” said Justin Kelley.

People in Springville also dealt with trees blocking the roadways. Crews worked to get most of those clear by around 6 p.m. Sunday.

The Lawrence County sheriff said first responders were going door to door to check in on people whose homes were damages.

A temporary shelter was set up at the elementary school for those in need. The Red Cross is assisting families in need.