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Director of FBI visits Indianapolis, talks violent crime

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — FBI Director Christopher Wray came to Indianapolis to meet with local law enforcement to solidify their partnership.

The main topic of discussion was preventing violent crime.

“The violent crime problem is something we’re seeing across the country, including here. When I talk with chiefs and sheriffs all over the country, it’s the first topic that comes up and the last topic we talk about,” said Wray.

Sitting at a table with local law enforcement leaders, Wray touted arrest successes that have come from task forces where local law enforcement worked with the FBI.
“Ultimately, it’s about teamwork and leveraging. Having the old saying ‘the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.’ That’s what these task forces bring,” said Wray.

I-Team 8 was allowed to ask one question to Director Wray.

We asked a question related to a story earlier this month regarding the skyrocketing numbers of anti-Semitism and white supremacy in the state.

We’ve seen a 1,500% increase in Indiana since 2016.

“The Anti-Defamation League is reporting that instances of anti-Semitic and white supremacist propaganda is sky rocketing in Indiana and across the country. What is the FBI doing to prevent that propaganda from translating into acts of violence against people of the Jewish faith and other minorities,” asked I-Team 8 reporter Kody Fisher.

“It is certainly true that all too often in this country right now we are seeing people fueled by hate seeking to harm others simply because of what they look like, or who they are, or who they worship,” said Wray.

Wray broke down some of the ways the FBI is combating the troubling increase.

“The investigative side. We’ve made hate crimes one of our top priorities nationally. That means that all 56 of the FBI’s field offices have that as a priority,” said Wray. “Raise awareness for not just victims, but also witnesses on what hate crimes look like, how to identify them, how to report them, because we definitely need the public’s help in going after the problem. I think it is a reality, a grim and frustrating reality, that I think we can expect to continue to see the Jewish community being targeted with hate fueled violence as well as other communities of faith.”

Surrounded by local law enforcement leaders, Wray made it clear the FBI, in partnership with our law enforcement here, won’t stop trying to put bad guys behind bars.
“The most dangerous violent criminals out there need to know that if they’re engaged in this activity they’ve got all of us to deal with, including federal prison,” said Wray.