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Indiana groups, companies launch tech talent search

Indiana groups launch tech talent search

Indiana groups and companies will host dozens of job applicants for red carpet event this fall

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana groups are teaming up to recruit tech talent to the state in a new way.

They plan to roll out the red carpet for dozens of job applicants during a three-day event this fall and want you to spread the word. 

The two groups leading the initiative tell News 8 this is a team effort. TechPoint is a nonprofit growth accelerator for Indiana’s technology companies and TMap is a unique talent recruiter based in Indianapolis.

They want people in the tech industry to apply for one of 25 spots for a Red Carpet Weekend in October. 

“It could be anyone from a sales or marketing executive or middle management to a software engineer who does coding or someone who actually could run an entire technology organization,” said Mike Rutz of TMap.  

During those three days, the applicants and a guest will be able to tour the city, learn about different neighborhoods and schools and potential employers.

“Either people just haven’t heard of us, Indianapolis hasn’t been on their radar and this is our chance to put it on their radar, or there are people who many be from here, attended universities here and then left. Thought that they had to do that for their career and don’t realize all of the growth that’s happened,” Merillat Flowers of TechPoint said. 

Those planning the recruiting event said it completely changes the model for how we match employees with companies. Right now, hundreds of people apply for one job and many qualified workers end up left behind. 

“This enables us to sort of maintain contact with them and present them to not just one company, but multiple companies, which increases the chance of actually getting someone to come and work here in Indiana,” Rutz said. 

“We’re not the only community facing talent shortages, that’s happening nationally. We’ve got to do something to set ourselves apart and I think that’s where this initiative plays what Hoosiers do best which is collaborate,” Flowers said.

As the team from TechPoint and TMap continue to plan the event, they hope to match many more people with tech jobs than just the 25 participates chosen. 

“Rather than having one conversation, let’s have hundreds and let’s have thousands of conversations and build a bench of talent that companies then can access and reach into and recruit, hire and bring back to the state,” Rutz said. 

The deadline to apply for the Red Carpet Weekend is July 15. The event will be Oct. 3-5. 

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