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Indiana ranks top 10 on new list ranking business-friendly states

(WISH) – Indiana ranks in the top ten on a new list ranking business-friendly states, and a new report shows an alarming rise in “airline rage.”

Indiana is being recognized as one of the most tax friendly states.

The tax foundation said it’s the 8th best for lack of tax burden on businesses and individuals.

Indiana has lots of taxes but the stats work to keep them low.

In general, the Midwestern and western states had lower tax burdens. The northeast was well behind.

In other business headlines, air rage incidents are on the rise. The International Air Transport Association said there was one air rage situation for every 1,200 flights in 2015.

Most situations involved passengers refusing to follow crew member instructions, verbal abuse, and other anti-social behavior.

One airline observer jokingly said they will soon have to get airline bouncers.

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