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Indiana viewers weigh-in on GOP debate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Donald Trump received quite a bit of screen time as many anticipated.

He discussed what many people have called his brash attitude.

“I don’t have time for total political correctness,” said Trump.

Trump also said he wouldn’t rule out a run as an independent if he’s not the Republican nominee.

Rand Paul immediately responded saying “he’s hedging bets.”

Trump also took some credit for the discussion of illegal immigration and said about current policy

“Our politicians are stupid,” said Trump.

Those watching the debate at Loughmiller’s Pub said they only watched to listen to what Trump had to say.

“I have a dark sense of humor, I mean the guy’s very incendiary and inflammatory. If he wasn’t talking, I probably wouldn’t even be watching,” Diego Mesa said.

“He is getting a lot of attention. Maybe he could win, but if he runs as an independent, that’ll change everything,” Rosie Gradoville said.

Many of the other issues talked about involve the nuclear deal with Iran, healthcare, and the economy.