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Indianapolis launches pothole repair blitz

Indianapolis launches pothole repair blitz

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Department of Public works says this is the earliest it has deployed hot mix asphalt to patch up potholes.

The hot mix asphalt lasts longer than cold mix. Money for the project is part of a yearly $25 million residential resurfacing program that’s been going on for a few years. The investment will go into pothole repair, focusing on main thoroughfares before moving to residential streets.

Mayor Joe Hogsett said volatile weather has made the potholes worse than in previous years.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had such a prolonged period of subzero temperatures, in late December and early January,” Hogsett said.

Repair shops are seeing their fare share of cars damaged by potholes.

Bill Amonett, Owner of Beck Service Center on Indy’s south side, said in some cases, both the rim and tires are damaged by the pothole.

“What we’re seeing is they’re hitting like the right front and the right rear or the left one and the left rear,” Amonett said. “So, they’re not damaging one, they’re damaging two per side.”

Chris Farrar, Owner of Farrar repair in Greenwood, said he’s worked on 350 wheels in eight days, all due to pothole damage. He also became a victim.

“I hit one on 465 and my left front wheel is bent,” Farrar said. “I haven’t had time to get it fixed yet.”

Experts say to avoid hitting potholes, take the same route to work or the store.