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Indy 500 car theft compared to action movie

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Police are on the lookout for a man they say stole a rare Indy 500 Festival car.

It was driven right through doors made of thick glass and supported by heavy steel. It happened late Wednesday night at Bill Estes Chevrolet on the city’s northwest side. The car was found near Ford Road and Irishmans Run Lane in Zionsville.

A story so odd, it seems like the scene right out of a Hollywood blockbuster, complete with yellow crime tape surrounding the scene.

“Well it’s like Furious 7, we have to say,” said owner Bill Estes.

The broken down car is now back at the dealership. It’s likely totaled. Glass is shattered everywhere, dents decorate what once was a shiny, new surface and mud and grass cake the tires.

Estes said it’s all evidence of something unusual.

“The most bizarre thing that I have ever had happen in almost 40 years in the business,” said Estes

Estes said a man broke into the dealership, got into the Camaro worth $60,000, put the petal to the metal, breaking through the front doors, going airborne from 3 feet in the air, then landing on the pavement – all with the drop top down. The suspect made it about a mile or two down the road when the car broke down.

“He was bloodied and they found a t-shirt and some blood in the car,” said Estes.

Police said the suspect, who was shirtless, went knocking on neighbor’s doors seeking shelter.

“This individual came to this house and knocked on the door after midnight and that wasn’t the proper thing to do. We’re concerned about that,” said Zionsville Police Captain Robert Musgrave.

Police are still trying to figure out a motive.

“We don’t know if this person was intoxicated or on some type of drug. Certainly doesn’t seem like a rational decision that a normal person would make,” said Captain Musgrave.

For Bill Estes, this is not a scene he’d like to rewind, “We’ll tell stories about it forever. But we don’t need to relive this very soon.”

Estes said the car is only 1 of 100 that was produced. The suspect was able to get away.

IMPD is handling the investigation. Call 317-262-TIPS if you have any information that could help police track down the suspect.

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