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Indy DPW begins construction for Southeastern Avenue multi-use trail

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (Indy DPW) announced the groundbreaking of a project that will “enhance safety, connectivity, and accessibility in our community.”

This week, Indy DPW began construction of a multi-use trail along the Southeastern Avenue corridor, connecting from Washington Street to Leeds Avenue.

“This trail will serve as a critical route for people who walk or bike into Downtown from neighborhoods on the near-southeast side,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “But it also looks ahead to provide easy pedestrian access to developments at Twin Aire Shopping Plaza and the old drive-in. Combined, these efforts are giving more choice and freedom of movement to neighbors on the southeast side.” 

“This trail is an opportunity to increase community engagement and connectivity by providing residents with a new and safe way to travel through their neighborhood,” said Indy DPW Director Brandon Herget. “When completed, community members will be able to commute, bike, or simply walk through their neighborhood with increased confidence.” 

This transformative corridor project is designed to foster a stronger sense of community by linking downtown with the near southeast side of Indianapolis. The trail will serve to be a vital new form of transportation, promoting a healthier and more connected neighborhood. 

“My constituents have made it clear: they want better, safer pedestrian facilities in their neighborhoods,” said City-County Councilor Kristin Jones. “As the new chair of the Public Works Committee, I’m looking forward working with Indy DPW to bring more pedestrian-focused construction to our city.” 

The trail will be just over one mile long and will be located on the north side of Southeastern Avenue. It will cost approximately $2.1 million. 

A few key features of the project include: 

  • 56 ADA ramps: Ensuring accessibility for all community members, the trail will feature 56 ADA-compliant ramps, promoting inclusivity and accommodating individuals with diverse mobility needs. 
  • 6 crosswalks: Safety is a top priority, and the project incorporates six strategically placed crosswalks to facilitate secure pedestrian crossings, further enhancing the overall well-being of residents. 
  • 5,452 feet of trail: The multi-use trail will span an impressive 5,452 feet, providing an extensive network for pedestrians and cyclists. This will not only encourage active transportation but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable urban environment. 

More information and project updates can be found on the Indianapolis government website.