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John Gregg says Pence looking to “bail out” of governor’s race

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Governor Mike Pence is on the short list to become Donald Trump’s running mate and his Democratic opponent in the race for governor sees it as an opportunity.

John Gregg is now telling voters that Pence doesn’t really want to be re-elected as governor.

Pence started the day walking in the rain in the Fourth of July Parade in Linton where one woman asked him, “Are you gonna stay in the state?” Pence pointed to reporters and said, “They all wanna know.”

Other parade-goers think he would make a good running mate for Donald Trump.

“I think him being a running mate might help Indiana,” said Rod Beatty.

“I think Trump needs to get some experience in with him,” said Kevin Francis. “I think Pence has that experience now.”

But the governor will share only scant details of his weekend meeting with Trump in New Jersey.

“We really had a great time,” he said. “They couldn’t have been more gracious and will always count it a privilege that we were able to spend time as a family with a family that we hope is the first family of the United States.”

Trump was just as circumspect in a tweet where he reported meeting with the Pence family. “Very impressed, great people,” he said.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski went further on CNN saying, “When you look at governor Pence, he’s the type of person that can help unite the party.”

Meantime, John Gregg greeted parade-goers in Lawrence, but first, he accused Pence of interviewing for one job while he’s campaigning for another.

“I find it a little, I find it more than a little appalling,” he said. “I mean, he’s telling everybody he wants to be governor. Now he’s trying to bail out.”

Pence knows that he is running a risk..

“My focus is Indiana,” he said. “I’m here today running for re-election as governor of the state of Indiana.”

But clearly, he is open to another opportunity.