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Kid-ing with Kayla: A helicopter parent’s worst nightmare

Kid-ing with Kayla: When your kid wants to play football

Kid-ing with Kayla: The decision has come a little earlier than I anticipated, should I let my son play football?

On Saturday, the Big 10 and USA Football put on a football kids camp at the Fan Fest in Indianapolis. I let Allan, 4, try it out and he was an absolute natural! I was both proud and terrified.

As many know, football is a dangerous sport! Many parents won’t let their kids play due to the risk of head injuries among many other kinds of ways to get hurt in this activity.

On top of the typical risk, my son’s is heightened because he was born with just one kidney when most people have two. While you can live with only one without a problem, I am very cautious to take care of the one he has.

I also have to weigh the positives of the sport. My son seems to enjoy it and it teaches a lot about life, teamwork and discipline!

Many people have weighed in on this topic online.

“You will NOT go on the field unless the coach calls you over – my husband to me at the start of every football season our son plays in,” commented one mom on TikTok. Another person added, “Do NOT let him play football. The risk of concussions isn’t worth it. Go for golf, tennis or maybe baseball.”

Some had positive things to say! “Football is a lot safer than it was. Tackling is being taught safely. Father of 3 and coach here.”

Ultimately, I have some time to make this decision and I won’t take it lightly!

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