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Kid-ing with Kayla: Unintentionally embarrassing your teens

Kid-ing with Kayla: I only know what it’s like to parent a young child, so I had to enlist help looking into what it’s like to parent teenagers.


Parents of teens need to weigh in on this story… @The Leighton Show

♬ original sound – Kayla Marie Sullivan

Chip Leighton is a content creator known for poking fun at text messages sent by teenagers. “Did the guinea pig see his shadow?” one said. “How much is the 4 for 4 at Wendy’s?” asked another.

The balls… All from your messages and comments #teenager #text #funny #parent #freshman @Wendy’s

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When Chip Leighton wanted in on the parent reports, I didn’t hesitate! I knew he was the perfect teen parent correspondent.


Replying to @Mickie Barrett let us know if we missed any other ways to embarrass teens 😂 #parenting #teenager #teen

♬ original sound – Kayla Marie Sullivan

Other commenters have decided to talk about other ways they’ve unintentionally embarrassed their teens. I’ve made a list of some of my favorite comments.

  • “I got yelled at for cheering too loud at a football game.”
  • “When my daughter says “slay!” I respond “murder!” she hates it.”
  • “I’m over here “doing too much” and I’m now a bruh, not a mom.”
  • “Heaven forbid you use cash and change to pay for something!”
  • “My daughter disowns me if I speak to strangers.”
  • “Breathing usually embarrasses them.”
  • “Lord have mercy if you use the thumbs up emoji.”
  • “I mortify my child if I sing in the car.”
  • “Got called a KAREN for asking how much longer the food would take.”
  • “I danced at the girl scouts booth and my child said I was humiliating.”
  • “I respond to their texts with punctuation. Imagine how ridiculous I am!”
  • “I was instructed to not respond to texts because they get too many notifications.”
  • “I got in trouble for bringing my water bottle into the store. Apparently no one does that.”
  • “I chair danced at a baseball game just seated in the chair grooving to the music but was scolded as if I had gotten on top of a bar and danced topless.”

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