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Abortion rights advocates rally in downtown Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A small, but spirited crowd marched through downtown Indianapolis Saturday supporting women’s rights.

“This has always been an issue that I have maintained my focus on, but especially after Roe vs Wade was overturned, I remember exactly how I felt when it happened. I was so enraged I had to leave work for a moment,” said Josephine Espinosa Reynolds, who drove from Terre Haute to be a part of the rally.

The guest speakers included several women running for state and federal office.

“Women, it’s time to feel the energy. It’s time to catch the wave. It’s time to feel rage, said Haneefah Khaaliq, a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate.

The women’s wave was part of a national day of protest all over the country, advocating for abortion rights, along with ending white supremacy and promoting a democracy that is inclusive for everyone.

“This is a long game. It’s going to take work, its going to take time and its going to take effort, but there are enough women like myself that are inspired and empowered,” said organizer, Jysica Payne.

The movement is empowering a young generation of women to fight for reproductive rights.

“I have young nieces, and I am just now getting started in the real world. I want to make this world better for everyone involved for anyone who owns a uterus, I want them to have access to health care,” said Nadia Fischer, of Clay County.

Organizers are encouraging women to run for local, state and federal office, to help effect the change they are seeking.