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‘GROCERY’ store opens in Fountain Square, won’t be selling any food

(WISH Photo/Dylan Hodges)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Howl + Hide, manufacturer of leather and canvas goods, owner Christian Resiak was launching a unique leather bag collection called “GROCERY” on Friday night.

This concept brand finds its home within a 1950s-themed grocery store located on the upper-level of Howl + Hide, but you won’t find any actual groceries for sale here. The products are exclusively available on-site and not offered online.

The space draws inspiration from the psychedelic museum Meow Wolf and has been meticulously prepared over two months.

“I started to think, what can we be doing that’s different to kind of conceptualize ‘GROCERY’?,” said Resiak.

It consists of five departments, each represented by a distinct category of bags: bakery, dairy cooler, dry foods, meat cooler, and produce. Howl + Hide has crafted these bags to reflect the essence of their respective categories. For instance, the bakery section features bags shaped like doughnuts and bread, while the dairy cooler provides options that incorporate the yellow-and-white color palette associated with cheese.

(WISH Photos/Dylan Hodges)

The collection includes a diverse range of novelty designs, such as bucket bags like Tootsie Rolls and Campbell’s soup, a steak-shaped saddle bag reminiscent of one by Dior, a hotdog bag and pizza bag, and even a watermelon bag, among others. Resiak handled all the branding for this unique venture.

The store’s aesthetics are further enhanced by hand-painted signs by Juicy Signs and custom displays crafted by Josh Morrow and Tony Board. These displays include a free sample cart and vintage-style meat cooler, contributing to the immersive shopping experience.

The grand opening of the ‘GROCERY’ store is set for tonight, October 6, at 6 p.m. at 1046 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis. To maintain an immersive atmosphere, only 10 people will be allowed inside at a time. The collection is limited, and once it’s sold out, it gone. As an added bonus, visitors will receive free key fobs during the opening.