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Indianapolis police brace for influx of visitors to NRA convention

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department estimates 70,000 people will visit the city Friday through Sunday for the NRA convention and exhibit at the Indiana Convention Center.

Signs posted around the city promoting the event promised a spread of 14 acres of guns.

Police are expecting attendees to bring their own guns.

Since Indianapolis last hosted the convention in 2019, Indiana has abolished its requirement that gun owners need a permit to carry a weapon.

IMPD reminded visitors who are carrying never to leave their guns unsecured or in plain view, whether that’s in a hotel room or vehicle. “We ask people to be patient with one another,” said Joshua Barker, IMPD deputy chief of operations. “There is going to be a lot of vehicular traffic, a lot of pedestrian traffic. I think we have a very responsible operations plan in place to allow those events to take place without any road closures or any interruptions to the flow of traffic like that.”

Hudnut Commons, across from the Convention Center, has been designated as a place for people to protest safely.

Extra patrols were planned around the downtown area. “Patrolling parking garages, surface parking lots around the Convention Center, Georgia Street, restaurants and entertainment venues,” Barker said.

IMPD will assist the U.S. Secret Service as it protects dignitaries including former President Trump and former Vice President Pence. Both are expected to speak at the convention.

Following the convention, IMPD will review its security plan to see if there needs to be changes in how the approach the event in the future.