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Scammer poses as sheriff’s deputy telling residents they have warrant out for arrest

(Provided Photo/Johnson County Indiana Sheriff's Office)

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — Multiple calls were being made over the weekend to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office from residents checking to see if they had a warrant out for their arrest after a scammer posed as deputy.

It’s a scam that has been seen in Indiana for years.

On Saturday, police say many Johnson County residents received phone calls from someone posing as a member of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office telling them they have an active warrant and they needed to leave their homes and turn themselves in to the sheriff’s office.

One resident told officers they received a call from an alleged officer telling them they had a warrant for not showing up for jury duty and had to pay a $1,000 fine. Another resident purchased a gift card from a local business and sent money through E-Cash.

No arrests have been made.

Johnson County Sheriff Duane Burgess says that whoever is involved in making these calls have well-orchestrated the scams to make people believe it. These scammers also have the ability to “spoof” telephone numbers so if you were to check the number for accuracy it may appear to be correct.

“A legitimate Law Enforcement Agency or Court (Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, etc…) will NEVER ask for or accept a bond on a warrant without the subject of the warrant being arrested and booked into a County Jail. Bonds are paid in cash and in-person physically at a Sheriff’s Office. A legitimate Agency will NEVER send a courier or meet at your house to pick up cash! Also any phone apps, gift cards, or specific money card system, Bitcoin or crypto currency are NEVER asked for or accepted. Law enforcement agencies will also never attempt to collect on civil matters. That is done through the court system, in person.”

Johnson County Sheriff Duane E. Burgess

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