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Traveling in 2021? Experts suggest travel insurance

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — Travel experts say you can enjoy a spring break trip this year, despite the pandemic, although it may take a little more work and research than in years past.

Travel experts say crowded beaches are out and bubbles are in for 2021. Many people are choosing to rent a property either as just a family unit or maybe with a couple of other families. This can allow you to control your space, by cleaning and sanitizing, and the people in that space. You may also be choosing to skip the airport and instead drive to your destination, which could force you to look at closer locations to decrease travel time.

Jeremy Murchland is the president of Seven Corners, a national travel insurance agency based in Carmel. He said now more than ever travel insurance should be something to consider for your trip to give you both flexibility and protection.

“I know for us, we didn’t go on vacation last year. So we’re anxious to get out this year and have a good vacation, but I want to make sure I’m protected financially if something happens or interrupts that trip. If we get COVID a week before we go and somebody has to be in lockdown, I want to make sure I’m going to get my money back for that trip,” Murchland said.

Murchland said there are travel insurance policies that provide specific medical coverage for COVID-19. You can also choose a CFAR or cancel-for-any-reason policy.

Travel experts also strongly suggest researching your destination for travel regulations. Make sure you know the mask requirements and if you’ll need to have a negative COVID test before traveling. Also, check your accommodations for the refund policy.